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A dietitian from France has created an author's method to lose weight - Pierre Ducan diet not only ensures sustainable weight loss, but also allows you to consolidate the result.

Diet information

The principle of this technique largely replicates the meaning of many other low carb diets. At the same time, Ducan went a little further - he took into account the factor of individuality. The fact is that each person has a natural potential - a certain number of fat cells. The risk of rapid weight gain is higher in those people who have more such cells. It is worth considering the fact that with regular overeating, fat cells split in two, which further increases the accumulation of fat. Sitting on diets, we reduce our volumes, but the number of fat cells remains the same (with the slightest relaxation of the diet, they begin to divide again). This makes it incredibly difficult to maintain the result. Ducan offered his patients a diet created for a long period of time and divided into phases - the first half of the diet (2 phases) removes the weight, and the second (2 phases more) consolidates the result. This approach made it possible to "bypass" the genetic predisposition to overweight - the diet removes excess volume, and then stabilizes weight (adipose tissue no longer grows, weight remains at an optimal level).

Dividing the diet into stages

"Attacking" phase

The initial stage is called "attack" for a reason. Starts the process of burning adipose tissue. The duration of the phase depends on two factors: the initial weight and the desired result. You can lose weight by 2-6 kg. In time, it takes 3-10 days. If you need to lose no more than 10 kg, then the duration is minimal (3 days). If you need to lose about 20 kg, it will take 3-5 days. If you ultimately want to lose 20-30 kg, you will need to tune in to 5-7 days of a strict diet. Well, to start the weight loss process with a serious degree of overweight, you need to devote 10 days to the first stage.

In the initial period of the diet, protein products take a leading position. Active absorption of protein against the background of a sharp reduction in the percentage of carbohydrates provokes the appearance of ketone bodies in the blood - because of this, you will feel dry mouth and may smell the smell of acetone from the mouth. To neutralize this side effect and cleanse the body, Ducan recommends drinking at least 1. 5 liters of carbonated water every day. The good news is that the portion size of food is not limited - you can eat up to satiety.

Diet and Dr. Ducan during this period makes you adhere to certain recommendations. It is necessary to exclude from the menu all fatty meats (pork, lamb, duck, goose). The use of sauce during cooking of meat is also excluded. Meat allowed for consumption: turkey and skinless chicken, as well as beef, beef, horse meat, rabbit (excluding fatty parts). You can eat offal, seafood and any fish. For cooking, you should use a grill and a steamer. Egg whites can be eaten without restrictions, whole eggs - 2 pcs. per day (with an excess of cholesterol in the blood, you will need to limit the consumption of yolks to 3-4 pieces per week). Ducan recommends the introduction of low-fat dairy products in the diet. You can eat low-fat yogurt with or without additives - no more than 2 servings a day.

Sugar is forbidden, food can be salty, but very sparingly. It is permissible to use spices (any), sugar substitutes, vinegar. The taste of the dishes can be enriched with lemon juice and garlic. To avoid the urge to catch a bite, chewing gum (but not sugar-based) is recommended. Dukan advises walking for at least 20 minutes a day and exercising regularly. To maintain a feeling of satiety and normalize bowel activity, you should eat 1. 5 tbsp every day. oat bran. Bran should be washed with liquid that absorbs water, they swell in the stomach and fill it.


The next active phase of the diet is called "Navigation". During this period, the Dukan diet for weight loss alternates protein days with days that allow you to consume large amounts of vegetables (they supplement protein). The duration of this phase of the diet is strictly individual (from 1 to several months). Vegetables should be eaten raw, boiled, baked in foil. Plant-based foods include artichokes, chicory, eggplant, asparagus, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli and other types of cabbage. You can also eat celery, leeks, squash, zucchini, spinach, onions. It is permissible to add radish, soy beans, beets, different types of mushrooms to the menu. Exclude products rich in starch (we are talking about beans, peas, potatoes, rice). Do not eat cereals, lentils and avocados.

Some rules must be followed. First, you should only eat when your appetite is growing. Protein (P) days should be alternated with protein and vegetable (PO) days. With an excess weight of less than 10 kg, the scheme looks like this: 1P / 1PO. If desired, 3P / 3PO or 5P / 5PO schemes are acceptable. With an excess weight over 10 kg, the 5P / 5PO scheme is recommended. At this stage, the bran rate should be increased to 2 tablespoons. in one day. It is worth walking for half an hour every day. The amount of water remains the same (1. 5 liters per day).

This stage allows you to add to the diet:

  • Small amount of high quality dry wine
  • 1 tsp each. cream (3-4% fat) and fat-free cocoa
  • A little soy cream, ketchup, starch
  • A few drops of vegetable oil
  • Slice of low-fat cheese (up to 6% dry weight)

During the day, it is assumed to add only 2 products from the above list to the diet. Also, when cooking, it is permissible to use some products. It can be:

  • Garlic and seaweed
  • Agar agar and gelatin
  • Any sugar substitutes
  • Low calorie drink (1 cup of drink should not contain more than 1 kcal)
  • Canned fish diet
  • Soy sauce
  • Bitter peppers and sourdough
  • Any spices
  • Adjika and mustard
  • Medium or low-fat milk
  • vinegar
  • Tofu soy cheese
  • Crab sticks - up to 8 pieces. in one day

Consolidation of results obtained

The next stage of the diet is the consolidation of results. You need to gradually return to good food but not gain weight. The duration of the phase is calculated from the number of kilograms lost - this figure must be multiplied by 10. The products of phases 1 and 2 are supplemented with a portion of fruit (you will have to forget bananas, grapes and cherries). You can also eat 2 slices of bread, 40 g of baked cheese and some rations of foods rich in starch. Every Thursday should be dedicated to pure protein. 2 times a week (but not in a row) for lunch, you can afford any favorite dish.


This phase also aims to consolidate and stabilize the results of the diet. The bran rate should be increased to 3 tablespoons. in one day. One day a week is supposed to fix for yourself a breakdown of pure protein. The length of the scene is arbitrary, but it is best to follow this meal plan throughout your life.

How to calculate weight?

Of course, you can calculate the weight using any online calculator, but if you decide to stick to the Ducan diet, use the service provided on the official website. Weight calculation is free. You must complete the questionnaire in Latin letters. You should also check the required fields box. First, you will need the following information: name, gender, current weight (in the drop-down box you need to change kilograms to kilograms), email (for information). In the next box, indicate the desired weight, the number of previous diets, the maximum weight (including during pregnancy), the minimum weight at 18, the stable weight (ie the weight you can easily maintain) and height. The next block will ask you to answer the following questions: are you in a hurry to lose weight, is there a genetic predisposition to overweight, the number of pregnancies, does weight gain easily with dietary restrictions, the presence of unpleasant symptoms (fatigue) during diets. An assessment of bone structure (around the perimeter of the wrist) will also be required. The questionnaire ends with confidential information - you must indicate the exact date of birth, name, email, enter and confirm a password. If all the columns are not filled in, the calculation will not be done and you will have to go back to filling out the form. If no mistakes are made and all the fields are filled in, you will be sent to a page showing the duration of each stage and the rate of weight loss. For example, with a weight of 72. 8 kg, the first phase will last 3 days and will hold 1, 1 kg, the second phase will last 33 days and will allow you to lose another 3. 6 kg, the third phase will last 47 days (weight will remain stable - 68. 1 kg). Well, the final stage needs no comment - you just have to eat well and maintain the result achieved.

Benefits of diet

The Ducan diet has many benefits. It is based on affordable and useful products. The weight disappears quite quickly, the result is stable. The active phase of losing weight does not require much time and does not make you starve to death. The diet can be followed at home and at work, does not cause serious concerns.

Disadvantages of diet

The diet proposed by Dukan also has its drawbacks. In the first days, there is an increased concentration of ketone bodies - they suppress appetite, but at the same time cause unpleasant symptoms (weakness, fatigue, bad breath). Pierre Ducan's diet is not satisfied with the proper ratio of nutrients. You may also develop a deficiency of bioactive substances - vitamins and minerals (it makes sense to take a complex of vitamins and minerals in a pharmacy). Insufficient lipid intake affects metabolic processes. The diet requires the preparation of various dishes - it can quickly become boring for those people who do not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, it is possible to order dietary meals from grocery stores for the Ducan diet, but this will require financial investment.

Contraindications to diet

The Dukan diet for weight loss has a number of contraindications. These include pathologies of the digestive system, kidneys, liver. You should not use a diet for metabolic disorders and gout. This diet is contraindicated for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, as well as girls whose menstrual cycle has not had time to decide (it has been observed that diet can provoke a cycle failure). It is undesirable to adhere to a menopausal diet and the premenopausal period. You should not use a diet, planning to get pregnant soon or suspect pregnancy. Such limitations are explained by the fact that lack of fat leads to hormonal imbalance. Lack of fat affects not only hormones - during the diet, problems with the gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract can be observed. Lack of vitamins and minerals during the active phase of weight loss can adversely affect the work of the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Lack of carbohydrates does not have the best effect on brain activity - if you are engaged in mental work, then the diet may not suit you at all. Also, the Ducan diet will have to be abandoned by those people who are characterized by mood swings, increased nervousness and a tendency to depression. Before starting a diet, make sure you undergo an examination. Since the diet is long, it does not hurt to periodically monitor your condition by passing the necessary tests.


The detailed Ducan diet presented in our article has good reviews. The main advantage is the lack of hunger - even during the period of active fat burning, you can eat until you are full and do not need to indulge in microscopic portions of food. At the same time, many complain that the early stages of the diet are accompanied by some concerns. Better to start the diet with the days when you are not busy at work.