Abdominal and side slimming fitness exercises: secrets to make them really work

exercises for slimming the sides and abdomen

Even with a little extra weight, a woman figure looks beautiful if there is a contrast between the waist and the hips. This is why many are looking for fitness exercises to lose weight on the abdomen and sides - to achieve the "hourglass" effect. But how do we do it? Was it an exercise or training method? Or does it all depend on food? Or is it impossible to lose weight in a strictly defined place? Let’s figure out how to remove the belly and ears.

How to remove a belly with fitness?

Belly fat is removed only when there is a deficit in the calorie content of the daily diet. It can be created either by reducing calorie intake - by shortening the menu, or by increasing their consumption - to do fitness exercises to lose weight on the abdomen and sides. The only problem is that it will leave relatively evenly throughout the body and faster where there are more certain receptors.

The release of fatty acids from adipocytes is hormonally regulated: it is activated by catecholamines (adrenaline, norepinephrine), somatotropic hormone (growth hormone) and glucagon, a hormone of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract, which is released at low blood sugar levels. And sooner they will be released where there are more receptors for these hormones, which depends on genetics, and not where we want.

Why in women with a pear-shaped figure, fat first of all leaves the abdomen and is very difficult to remove from the hips, while in apples the thighs "dry out" almost immediately, but how to remove the abdomen is a problem? Just because of the distribution of receptors.

But if the number of receptors is not so great, the effect can be achieved by the amount of hormones - increasing blood circulation to the area of interest, so that the life-giving fluid brings them there as much as possible.

This is why you need to activate invigorating music - it stimulates the release of hormones needed for fat burning - and exercise. In a multi-repetitive way and for a long time, so that the muscles in the abdomen and sides require a lot of blood, and he rushes to these areas. Exercising for less than half an hour for the effect of local fat burning does not make sense.

Abdominal and side slimming exercises: a list

What kind of fitness exercises for weight loss on the abdomen and sides should you do for half an hour or an hour?

  1. Crunches in the press are the most common trunk elevations above the shoulder blades from an inclined position.
  2. Stretch the leg lift.
  3. "Bicycle".
  4. "Scissors" (in the supine position, the legs are raised on the floor and spread apart and joined).
  5. Sitting sitting (full body raising) - switching from a supine position to a sitting position and vice versa).
  6. "Bars" - lying on the floor, lift your legs up and lift your pelvis off the floor to your lower back.
  7. Lateral crunches - lying on the floor on your back with legs slightly bent, lie down with one or the other hand on the leg of the same name (the same can be done while lying on your side).
  8. Diagonal crunches are normal crunches, but at the same time, reach with your hand to the opposite leg, turning the body.
  9. Side curves from a standing position.
  10. Rotation of the body while standing or sitting.
  11. Raising the leg hanging on a rod or support on uneven straps.
  12. Twist on a sloping bench.
  13. Roller with a roller - from a sitting position on the knees, roll the roller in front of you in the maximum direction and back.
  14. Twist with a fitball - from a prone position, feet to a fitball, roll the fitball with the feet, pulling the knees to the chest and running it backwards.
  15. Twist from the upper block - sit on your knees, the handle of the block is behind the neck, bend forward from this position, pulling the handle behind you.

The more repetitions you do in a row, the better. There should be minimal rest between groups.

Why did abdominal and side weight loss fitness exercises not lead to the appearance of a waist?

But even these methods of how to remove the abdomen may not work. Why You may have an underdeveloped capillary network in problem areas. It is necessary to ensure that the walls of small vessels are intact - take protective capillary antioxidants, get enough vitamins A and E.

In addition, catecholamines act on the release of fats through a series of reactions involving enzymes with ambiguous names - adenylate cyclase, cAMP, protein kinases and many more. These words are not for intimidation, but to understand - there are many intermediate reactions and if there is not enough trace element participating in them, the process will break down.

For example, adenylate cyclase acts only in the presence of magnesium ions. This is why if you want to lose weight effectively, you need to take supplements rich in a wide variety of minerals. Man cannot predict everything, but nature can, and it created such products. For example, royal jelly, bee pollen. And their inclusion in a complex of vitamins and antioxidants allows the body to provide everything it needs to "burn" fats.

Moreover, you may not have enough adrenaline to work out with abdominal and side fitness exercises, and not for overall weight loss. But there are natural substances that affect its receptors - the so-called adrenomimetics. These include synephrine, a compound derived from grapefruit peel. Slimming drugs with sineprin help in causing lipolysis, and in combination with l-carnitine, they also use the fats released as fuel for cellular reactions.