Reviews about 7 Slim

  • Lenka
    The birth of the child contributed to the dramatic weight gain. When the process got out of control, I had to look for a good way to lose weight. I stopped at 7 Slim and finally got the desired result.
  • Marie
    7 cash points have become a lifeline for the whole family. We postpone losing weight for a long time and could not start in any way. Now I want to keep the result, it is very nice to see a slim body in the mirror.
  • Petra
    In adolescence, hormones became the cause of severe overweight, which could not be overcome in any way. Thanks to 7 Slim has regained her self-confidence.
  • Jaroslav
    I definitely recommend 7 Slim. After I was seriously injured, I became less active and met with overweight. On the recommendation of a friend, I ordered this medicine, and in a few weeks I lost 3 kg. I will continue.
  • Kateřina
    With the onset of menopause, I faced an uncontrollable weight. The diet did not save the situation, so I decided to order 7 Slim. One course, of course, was not enough, it only took 14 kg, but I will definitely order another one.
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